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Why Pet Day Care is Great

The Best Way To Remember Your Loved Feline Friend

by Bonnie Diaz

For millions of Australians, cats are more than just a pet but also a valued member of the family unit. The family cat often grows up with the kids, and the relationship bonds with them can be as strong as with any other pet you could hope to find. Due to this extremely strong bond between pet and owner, it is often very hard to say goodbye and know what to do with your loved cat's body. Burying a pet is often impractical for most households, and leaving it for the vet to dispose of is very cold and feels impersonal. Cat cremation is growing in popularity and is a good way to send your friend off with respect. 

Cat Cremation

Cremating a cat is much the same as it is for their human counterparts. There are special buildings with smaller crematoriums that often have viewing areas for the grieved loved ones. When your cat is cremated, you may be able to give it a send-off with a few words, and you can rest assured knowing that each pet is individually cremated and you are getting only the ashes of your cat. 

What To Do With The Ashes?

People react to the death of their cats differently. Some prefer to take the ashes from the cat cremation to a solitary but beautiful place in nature and leave them relaxing in the sun. Others like to keep the ashes in a special room in their house, perhaps where the cat most enjoyed spending their time. Still, others buy spaces at pet cemeteries and make it a tradition to have a family plot allocated for their pets. Everyone deals with death in their own way, and there is no wrong answer. As long as you give the cat cremation business a heads-up about how you want to transport the ashes, you will be able to do whatever you find appropriate. 

Preparing For The Day

It is often hard to overcome the immediate feelings of grief and sadness to focus on making sure you send your feline friend off in the right way. You will look back on this day with a lot of nostalgia, so it is important you make your final hours before the ceremony preparing something that you think is apt for the occasion. Perhaps find a relevant song or a few words to say in front of your family. When it comes time for the cremation, maybe ask if you could cremate the cats favourite blanket or toy with it so that it has some company. If you feel like you need to cry, let the tears flow. On the other hand, if you find yourself numb and can't express your feelings in the moment, don't feel bad. Everyone goes through this differently. All you can do is control how you spend the day, not how you will feel.


About Me

Why Pet Day Care is Great

When I first considered putting my cat into a pet day care centre, I was really unsure if it was the right thing to do. I wasn't really sure my cat would like the experience and I was worried that he would become really stressed. However, after I paid a visit to my local pet day care centre, I realised that I had nothing to worry about. The staff were all really professional and the place was clean and safe. My cat seemed to love his first stay at the pet day care centre so now I leave him there whenever I am not in town.