Great Pet Care for Great Pets

Why Pet Day Care is Great

  • The Best Way To Remember Your Loved Feline Friend

    For millions of Australians, cats are more than just a pet but also a valued member of the family unit. The family cat often grows up with the kids, and the relationship bonds with them can be as strong as with any other pet you could hope to find. Due to this extremely strong bond between pet and owner, it is often very hard to say goodbye and know what to do with your loved cat's body.

  • When Your Senior Dog Goes to the Boarding Kennels for the First Time

    Even when a dog has reached a ripe old age, it's certainly possible that they have never set foot (or rather, paw) inside a boarding kennel. There might have always been someone who could take care of your dog while you have been away in the past, but there might come a time when none of your family or friends are available. Boarding kennels are equipped to care for dogs in all stages of life, but when your furry companion is in their golden years, there are a few things you might want to do to make their stay as comfortable as it can be.

  • How to Prepare Your Cat for Their Trip to the Cattery

    If you're like most human beings, you will never really understand your pet cat. Perhaps this is why people love them so much as domestic pets, because they are so unpredictable and difficult to read, but they will nevertheless tell you in no uncertain terms when they're not happy. More than anything else, your feline friend needs consistency, predictability and safety, and if you're planning to go away on a rare family holiday, you will need to make special preparations for this.

About Me

Why Pet Day Care is Great

When I first considered putting my cat into a pet day care centre, I was really unsure if it was the right thing to do. I wasn't really sure my cat would like the experience and I was worried that he would become really stressed. However, after I paid a visit to my local pet day care centre, I realised that I had nothing to worry about. The staff were all really professional and the place was clean and safe. My cat seemed to love his first stay at the pet day care centre so now I leave him there whenever I am not in town.